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Alexis Bobbitt - Past Reflections and a Look Ahead

It was nice getting to chat (via email) with Varsity rider Alexis Bobbitt this off-season. To say she had accomplished 2018 racing campaign would be an understatement. Last season she doubled up and raced the NICA Texas State Championship series along with the Junior Pro XCT series. She ended the Texas State Championship series as the Varsity Champion and scored several great finishes in her first year racing on the national scene. To cap off a great year, she was even selected to ride for the junior USA national team in Canada. With her final year as a junior racer the sky is the limit for this Bulldog.

What's it like being the 2018 Texas State HS MTB Champion?

Being the 2018 Texas State HS MTB Champion feels like a long time in the making. I’ve worked and trained for this and it feels really good to finally have it pay off.

Do you feel any pressure going into the 2019 season as the defending champion?

I feel some pressure to defend my championship position in the 2019 season, but I am excited to work and face the challenges to get back on that top spot.

What was your favorite race of last year?

My favorite race of last year was rocky hill. I liked this course because there was so many different aspects to the course and it was as fun as it was challenging.

Why should someone on the fence about joining the Bulldog MTB team just do it?

The Bulldog MTB Team is not like most other teams, there is no cuts in this sport which allows any one of any skill level to be a competitor. The way that this team is ran, you will get out as much of it as you decide to put in. So if you are on the fence about joining, you should just do it because you can enjoy yourself and push yourself as far as you want to.

What was one thing you learned about yourself fighting for the state championship?

During this season I learned that I am very competitive and will work my very hardest towards something that I really want. During many of the races this year I would get tired and want to slow down or stop, but I knew that if I did that I would have less of a chance of winning. So with that in mind I would push through the pain until I crossed the finish line.

What are your goals for the 2019 season?

My goals for the 2019 season are to compete against my times from last year and try to beat them all, and land on the top spot of the podium again.

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